Celebrating 50 Years

When Desert Forest Golf Club opened in 1962 in Carefree, Arizona, it was immediately hailed for its pioneering blend of linksland and hardscrabble desert. This bold new golf course design transformed the face of the game in the American Southwest.

Real estate visionaries Tom Darlington and K.T. Palmer founded the town of Carefree with Desert Forest Golf Course at its heart. Architect Robert "Red" Lawrence's evocation of classic strategic playing principles in the Sonoran foothills continues to be more than a conventional course.

This video is an archival piece, showing the
golf course prior to the 2013 renovation:

Bulla in the sand trap - 1960's
Early 1960's Version
Early Course Photo
Early Course Photo
Early Marketing
Early Marketing Piece
First Clubhouse Design - Never Built
KT Palmer-Nelson Brown-Tom Darlington
Postcard1 - Early Golf Course
Postcard2 - Early Golf Course
Red Lawrence-KT Palmer-pilot-Governor & Mrs Fannin (L-R)
Red Resume