Golf Course

"The basic appeal of golf starts with the nature of its playing fields." Bradley Klein

At an elevation of 2,750 feet, the fairways are bordered by native desert vegetation and the topography is the natural rolling terrain of this part of the desert. The course has no "out of bounds" markers, no fairway bunkers, and no water hazards. During the first fifty years, work on the golf course was restrained. Limited projects by architects Tom Weiskopf and Jack Snyder left most of the original course in tact. Desert Forest's routing, the signature element of Red Lawrence's ingenious design, remained untouched.

In 2012 the toll of time and countless rounds began to show itself on the greens and elsewhere on the course. Built without drainage, the famous greens at Desert Forest were showing their age. The club also acknowledged that changes in the game over the years required a new approach to grasses, greens and course length. The challenge to retain the historic character of the course while accommodating the modern game became a preoccupation of the Desert Forest membership.

In the autumn of 2012 the club interviewed a group of golf course architects skilled in the art of restoration. David Zinkand, long-time member of the Coore and Crenshaw team, was chosen to lead the golf course and the club into its new era. It is a great and compelling story.

Yards USGA Rating Slope
 Red Lawrence 671373.2  137
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