Membership at Desert Forest Golf Club is offered by invitation and must be sponsored. What does that mean? It means we embrace new members who want to enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship fostered by the game of golf. We hope to invite people who value uncrowded playing conditions and undelayed rounds; people with a sense of sportsmanship and honor; players who do not require the vast array of amenities maintained by traditional country clubs.

We understand that many potential members do not have connections at Desert Forest, and to that end we offer individuals interested in membership, along with their spouses, the assistance of the Admissions Committee to develop relationships with potential sponsors.

Desert Forest maintains the lowest club membership cap in the valley. The Club does not discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, or race. The review and approval process is coordinated by the Admissions Committee and the Board.

To learn more, click the "Request Information" tab on this page or contact:

Admissions Committee Chairman, Jeff Fog (612) 801-5466