Guest Information

Desert Forest Golf Club Customs and Traditions

Welcome to the Desert Forest Golf Club. Since 1962, several customs and traditions have been established to honor the game of golf and the history of the Club. We take pride in making every one of our guests feel like a member and want you to be comfortable throughout your visit with us.

In order to best enjoy your experience, we ask that you please observe the following Club policies:

  • Use of cell phones and other electronic devices for conversational purposes is not permitted on the golf course or in the clubhouse, except for the Men’s and Ladies Locker Rooms and the Club’s parking lot. Cell phones and other electronic devices may be used discreetly in silent mode, so as not to disrupt the enjoyment of the club by others.
  • Proper golf attire is required for all players on the course and practice facilites.
    • MEN – Shirts must be tucked in and have collars (soft, hard, or mock) and sleeves. Slacks and shorts of Bermuda length are considered appropriate. Tank tops, tee shirts, non- golf hoodies, sweatpants, warm-up suits, blue jeans (denim of any color) non-pressed cargo shorts, short shorts, cut-offs, and gym/athletic shorts are not permitted. Hats must be worn bill forward, and we kindly ask that gentlemen remove their hats while in the Dining Room.
    • WOMEN – Dresses, skirts, slacks, mid-length shorts, blouses, sleeveless shirts, and collarless shirts with sleeves are considered appropriate attire. Halter tops, tank tops, cut-offs, sweatpants, warm-up suits, blue jeans (denim of any color), yoga pants, non- golf hoodies, short shorts or gym/athletic shorts are not permitted. Hats must be worn bill forward.
  • Appropriate Golf Shoes are required for all golfers, and shoes with metal spikes are not allowed on the premises. We ask that you change into your golf shoes while in the locker rooms, which are available for your use.
  • Desert Forest is a non-tipping club, except when utilizing a caddie.
  • Pace of Play for four players is 4 hours and 10 minutes.
  • All play at DFGC is governed by the USGA Rules of Golf except where local rules apply. You may find the local rules posted in the Golf Shop.